Sustainable Building – Building and Rehabilitation in Wood

On the 22nd March 2019 APLOAD Lda and CICCOPN presented the project ‘Under Construction’ to an audience of more than 80 people, professionals of the Wood Industry related sector, who attended the session “Construção Sustentável – Construção e Reabilitação em Madeira” (standing for “Sustainable Building – Building and Rehabilitation in Wood”). Due to the later integration of CICCOPN in the Project (in substitution of a withdrawing partner), it was not possible to integrate the presentation of the Project in the official Agenda of the event (already fixed), however, José Bronze, the Project Coordinator, was directly introduced during the event, thus giving speech to the full presentation of the Project. The nature of the event is aligned with the VET and professional domain embraced by CICCOPN in the Project, Carpentry.